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Apr 12, 2012

CY2111 Engineering Chemistry I - SUBJECT CATALOG


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CY2111                                  ENGINEERING CHEMISTRY I                       3  0  0  3


To impart a sound knowledge  on the principles of chemistry involving the different application oriented topics required for all engineering branches.

The student  should  be conversant  with the principles  water  characterization and treatment of potable and industrial purposes.
Principles of polymer chemistry and engineering applications of polymers
Industrial applications of surface chemistry

 Conventional   and  non-conventional   energy   sources   and  energy   storage devices and Chemistry of engineering materials

UNIT  I             WATER TECHNOLOGY                                                                      9

Characteristics alkalinity types of alkalinity and determination hardness types and estimation by EDTA method (problems); Domestic water treatment – disinfection methods (Chlorination, ozonation.  UV treatment) Boiler feed water requirements
disadvantages  of using hard water in boilers internal conditioning  (phosphate,
calgon     and     carbonate     conditioning     methods)     –     external     conditioning     –
demineralization process desalination and reverse osmosis.

UNIT II             POLYMERS AND COMPOSITES                                                       9
Polymers-definition   polymerization  – types addition and condensation polymerization   free radical polymerization  mechanism   Plastics,  classification  – preparation, properties and uses of PVC, Teflon, polycarbonate, polyurethane, nylon-
6,6, PET- Rubber -vulcanization   of rubber, synthetic rubbers buty1 rubber, SBR, Composites definition, types polymer matrix composites FRP only.

UNIT III            SURFACE CHEMISTRY                                                                     9

Adsorption  –  types   adsorption  of  gases  on  solids  –  adsorption  isotherms  – Frendlich  and Langmuir  isotherms   adsorption  of solutes  from  solution   role of adsorbents in catalysis, ion-exchange adsorption and pollution abatement.

UNIT IV           NON-CONVENTIONAL  ENERGY SOURCES AND STORAGE DEVICES                                                                          9
Nuclear  energy   fission  and fusion  reactions  and  light  water  nuclear  reactor  for power generation (block diagram only) – breeder reactor solar energy conversion – solar cells wind energy fuel cells hydrogen   oxygen fuel cell batteries  – alkaline batteries lead–acid, nickel–cadmium and lithium batteries.

UNIT V            ENGINEERING MATERIALS                                                              9
Refractories classification acidic, basic and neutral refractories – properties (refractoriness, refractoriness under load, dimensional stability, porosity, thermal spalling)  –  manufacture  of  alumina,  magnesite  and  zirconia  bricks,  Abrasives  – natural and synthetic abrasives – quartz, corundum, emery, garnet, diamond, silicon carbide and boron carbide.  Lubricants – mechanism of lubrication, liquid lubricants, - properties viscosity index, flash and fire points, cloud and pour points, oilyness) – solid lubricants graphite and molybdenum  sulphide.   Nanomaterials introduction to nanochemistry carbon nanotubes and their applications



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