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Jan 6, 2012

EE2355 Design of Electrical Machines - SUBJECT CATALOG


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EE2355           DESIGN OF ELECTRICAL MACHINES                                                    L T P C
3 1 0 4
To expose the students to the concept of design of various types of electrical machines

To provide sound knowledge about constructional details and design of various electrical machines.
i.          To study mmf calculation and thermal rating of various types of electrical machines. ii.     To design armature and field systems for D.C. machines.
iii.         To design core, yoke, windings and cooling systems of transformers. iv.    To design stator and rotor of induction machines.
v.         To design stator and rotor of synchronous machines and study their thermal behaviour.

Major considerations in Electrical Machine Design - Electrical Engineering Materials Space factor – Choice of Specific Electrical and Magnetic loadings - Thermal considerations - Heat flow – Temperature rise - Rating of machines Standard specifications.

UNIT II            DC MACHINES         9
Output Equations Main Dimensions - Magnetic circuit calculations Carter’s Coefficient - Net length of Iron Real & Apparent flux densities Selection of number of poles Design of Armature Design of commutator and brushes performance prediction using design values.

Output Equations Main Dimensions - KVA output for single and three phase transformers Window space factor Overall dimensions Operating characteristics Regulation No load current Temperature rise in Transformers Design of Tank - Methods of cooling of Transformers.

UNIT IV           INDUCTION MOTORS         9
Output equation of Induction motor Main dimensions Length of air gap- Rules for selecting rotor slots of squirrel cage machines Design of rotor bars & slots Design of end rings – Design of wound rotor - Magnetic leakage calculations – Leakage reactance of polyphase machines- Magnetizing current - Short circuit current Circle diagram - Operating characteristics.

UNIT V            SYNCHRONOUS MACHINES         9
Output equations choice of loadings Design of salient pole machines Short circuit ratio shape of pole face Armature design Armature parameters Estimation of air gap length Design of rotor Design of damper winding Determination of full load field mmf Design of field winding Design of turbo alternators Rotor design.


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1.  A.Shanmugasundaram, G.Gangadharan, R.Palani 'Electrical Machine Design Data
Book', New Age Intenational Pvt. Ltd., Reprint 2007.

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