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Jan 9, 2013

PH2111 Engineering Physics I - SUBJECT CATALOG


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PH2111                                ENGINEERING PHYSICS I                         3     0    3

UNIT  I            ULTRASONICS                                                                                   9
Introduction Production magnetostriction effect - magnetostriction generator- piezoelectric effect - piezoelectric generator- Detection of ultrasonic waves properties
Cavitations  - Velocity measurement   acoustic  grating - Industrial  applications  
drilling, welding, soldering and cleaning SONAR - Non Destructive Testing – pulse echo system through transmission and reflection modes -  A,B and C –scan displays, Medical applications - Sonograms

UNIT  II            LASERS                                                                                            9
Introduction   –   Principle   of   Spontaneous   emission   and   stimulated   emission. Population inversion, pumping. Einsteins A and B coeffcients   - derivation. Types of lasers        He-Ne,     CONd-YAG,    Semiconductor     lasers     (homojunction     &

heterojunction) Qualitative Industrial Applications - Lasers in welding, heat treatment,
cutting Medical applications - Holography (construction & reconstruction).

UNIT  III           FIBER OPTICS & APPLICATIONS                                                    9
Principle  and  propagation   of  light  in  optical  fibres   Numerical   aperture   and Acceptance  angle  -  Types  of  optical  fibres  (material,  refractive  index,  mode)  – Double  crucible   technique  of  fibre  drawing  -  Splicing,  Loss  in  optical  fibre  – attenuation,   dispersion bending   -  Fibre  optical   communication   system   (Block diagram)  -  Light  sources  -  Detectors  -  Fibre             optic  sensors   temperature  & displacement -  Endoscope.

UNIT  IV       QUANTUM PHYSICS                                                                             9
Black   body  radiation    Planck’s     theory   (derivation)    Deduction   of  Wiens displacement law and Rayleigh – Jeans’ Law from Planck’s theory Compton effect. Theory and experimental verification Matter waves Schrödinger’s wave equation
– Time independent and time dependent equations – Physical significance of wave function  –  Particle  in  a  one  dimensional  box  -  Electron  microscope  -  Scanning electron microscope - Transmission electron microscope.

UNIT  V           CRYSTAL PHYSICS                                                                           9
Lattice Unit cell Bravais lattice Lattice planes Miller indices d spacing in cubic  lattice  –  Calculation  of  number  of  atoms  per  unit  cell  –  Atomic  radius  – Coordination  number   Packing  factor  for  SC, BCC,  FCC  and  HCP  structures  – NaCl, ZnS, diamond and graphite structures – Polymorphism and allotropy - Crystal defects point, line and surface defects- Burger vector.



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